The Trauma Ward and Acute Assessment Unit

Trauma Ward

Stable patients with multiple traumatic injuries may be admitted to a trauma ward. This is a specialist ward with patients who can have a variety of injuries. There is a trauma consultant that will look after all patients on the ward, together with other doctors, trauma nurses and therapists. Some hospitals will have a trauma nurse co-ordinator that will help to co-ordinate a patients care or can provide information to patients and families.

Other hospital wards and Acute Assessment Unit (AAU)

For patients with isolated injuries, such as just a head injury or a broken leg, they may go to specific wards such as neurosurgical or orthopaedic wards. Some hospitals have an AAU. This is a ward where patients stay a very short time. This may be just for observation after a bump on the head.

Multi-disciplinary team members (MDT)

There are many different people that will look after you in hospital. This can be confusing trying to remember who does what or what they said. We have made a downloadable template which lists different clinical roles and provides space for you to write down the peoples’ names if you want to remember them.  The AfterTrauma recovery app also provides a diary which can be used for this purpose.