Lisa's story

On July 22, 2015, I went to work as normal in the carpet mill. I clocked in and started work.

Doing the same job I did the 2 yrs I've been there, but my machine that day had broken, so I went to help a co-worker on her machine while my machine was getting fixed. We have carpet samples that get trimmed going down a conveyor belt, so I was picking up swatches that had fallen onto the floor.

I was putting the swatches in the box, but as I was going to move the box that was close to the belt,I grabbed the rolling belt instead of the box and it rolled my hand in it. I had to jerk it out, forearm was degloved (a lot of skin removed) and I suffered other very bad arm injuries.

Several weeks in the hospital and a year of therapy, I managed to pull through!

I've got few bits of hardware in my arm, and I suffer from severe nerve damage daily. But I am just thankful I didn't lose my arm/hand.....

Lisa's arm is healed now, but the scars show her difficult journey