David's story

I am a 49 year old man (in 2019) who had a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) aged 45 in July 2015 as a result of a collision between a car and my bicycle. 

The accident was in Nantwich, Cheshire - I was taken by Midlands air ambulance to be treated at the North Staffordshire hospital.  Upon admission, my brain was operated on and I was repeatedly assessed as having a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) of 3 (severe) during the following two weeks, where I was in a ‘natural’ then induced coma.  When I came out of the comatose state, I had ‘Locked-in Syndrome’ for a week.

I was discharged from hospital after a further couple of months, and then realised I was embarking on the ‘real journey’ of recovery. In June 2016, I started to do voluntary roles, then in July 2017 I was able to return to paid work in my former role with the Metropolitan Police service as an IT security consultant. I have my professional web-site where you can see more of my background and even a video of me presenting at a conference.

Nowadays I am working on a part-time freelance basis, but am more involved in voluntary work related to brain trauma recovery with the NHS and medical universities in the UK.

I’ve written much about my TBI experience on a website I put together. I’ve noticed that incidental readers find the home page description of my injury and early days of hospitalisation of most interest. However, as a TBI survivor I find the recovery sections more interesting and imagine most TBI survivors would do likewise. My recovery has been termed ‘vocational rehabilitation’, as I found real purpose and satisfaction in my baby steps towards normality by doing various volunteering roles. This approach wasn’t planned - it just happened, and worked really well for me. I’d recommend it to anyone who wanted to gain a feeling of purpose in life after suffering trauma.

Rather than explain any further, if you feel my experiences may be of interest to you, have a browse around my TBI website.