AfterTrauma Recovery App

Download the AfterTrauma Recovery app - click here for the Android version from the Google Play store and click here for the iOS version from the Apple Store .

How does it work?  Watch this 3 minute video to see a demo:

The app has been reviewed by ORCHA, which is the UK's trusted source for health app advice. ORCHA helps consumers and NHS professionals to find safe, secure and effective apps.  In reviewing apps, ORCHA looks at more than 180 criteria, and the AfterTrauma recovery app has achieved an impressive 75% score. You can read the review here.

We are still developing the app. Your feedback (in the form below) will help us to improve the app so it is more helpful for trauma survivors and carers.  

If you are a clinician and would like a leaflet about the app to give to your patients, you can download one here.


AfterTrauma was the first UK website launched with the intention of supporting survivors of traumatic injury, and their carers and supporters, to help them understand what has happened to them and the resources available to help them recover.

When it was launched in 2015, we always knew that it was just the first step towards developing more digital resources to help trauma survivors restore optimal health and functioning.

Thanks to a grant from Barts Charity, C4TS have built an AfterTrauma recovery app (for both iOS and Android), with added interactive e-health features, that will better support and motivate trauma survivors after they leave hospital.

The app can be downloaded here from Google Play (for Android devices) and here for Apple/ iOS devices.

Our AfterTrauma recovery App is based on the principles of supported self-management. Supported self-management programs aim to educate people about their health condition and care, motivate them to care for themselves in the best possible way (eg coaching, goal setting), and provide them with techniques and tools to enable them to do that (eg connecting with peers).

The app was developed because there were previously no apps to help people in the UK to recover from the severe physical and psychological effects of major injuries.

AfterTrauma recovery app

The AfterTrauma recovery app is a simple to use interactive digital tool that enables trauma survivors to:

  • See clearly what has happened to them (the nature of their injuries, and treatment received)
  • Understand what symptoms and side-effects they will need to manage
  • Understand their rehabilitation plans and what they need to do to get back to maximum functioning
  • With clinicians, set goals that will help them achieve that rehabilitation, track and keep a record of progress against goals over time
  • Share information about injuries and impact with clinicians, families and others as they choose (including on social media)
  • Connect with patients who have had similar injuries/ experiences so that they can share learnings and model behaviour
  • Easily access resources that will help them stay motivated

Screenshots of the major parts of the app

The app was co-designed with the assistance of a group of enthusiastic trauma survivors, carers and clinicians. SODA were the app developers.

As of January 2019, the app is in prototype form and is being tested and evaluated at the Royal London Hospital major trauma centre.  However, we welcome feedback from everyone who downloads and uses the app as we know its design and content will need further refinement to make it as useful as possible to trauma survivors and carers.

You can help us by filling in the feedback form below - thank you very much!

If you have any other experiences/ comments about the app that you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you - please contact Nicole