Staff Profiles

The After Trauma team is based with Queen Mary University and The Royal London Hospital. 

The team is composed of Researchers, Clinicians and Social Care Advisors aimed at supporting individuals and their families who have been affected by Trauma. 

Dr. Jacqueline (Jack) Rappoport

Here at AfterTrauma.Org, I am the Lead Content Moderator for the site and am responsible for managing content, revising the Psychological impact of Trauma sections and responding to contact inquiries from patients and family members. As a joint Academic and Psychological practitioner, I am currently based within Queen Mary University of London in the Centre for Trauma Sciences Team. I have a Clinical background in Counselling Psychology and my academic interests are in trauma recovery and transitions. Please get in touch with me via the Contact Us form should you need anything relating to the After Trauma website and App. 

Deborah Clarke 

I am the new to the NHS as I am an Ex DWP employee with over 30 years of welfare benefit Knowledge. I have the effectiveness to communicate well with people from all background and cultures. If you require help or information on what and where you can claim welfare benefits please contact me via the Contact Us form. 

Founding Members:

Dr. Karen Hoffman 

My initial work at the Centre focused on quantifying rehabilitation needs in relation to injury severity.  This facilitated us to better understand the complex rehabilitation needs of multi-trauma patients. These are often overlooked by condition specific rehabilitation services such as Neurorehabilitation.  I also investigated the long term recovery of trauma patients.  This included 12 month follow up of functional recovery of patients as well as quality-of-life and post traumatic stress symptoms.  Both these projects identified the significant burden experienced by trauma patients in terms of access to appropriate rehabilitation and long term recovery.  Additionally, Our research identified a significant absence of support structures and information for trauma patients and families.  In an effort to address some of these concerns locally and nationally, we developed a website called AfterTrauma which provides information and support for patients and families.  This is the only trauma specific website in the UK.