TV Documentary: Getting married after a trauma?

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TV Documentary: Getting married after a trauma?

by TVWeddings » Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:01 pm

Hello there,

I am a TV Producer at a company called Raw TV and we are known for making beautiful and heart-warming documentary programmes. We have won awards for our previous projects and pride ourselves on telling compassionate, sensitive and engaging films. You can see some of our work on our website,

I have just started working with a small team on a new project for a major UK Channel about couples who are marrying this year and who have a story they would like to tell. We’re looking for individuals planning to marry in 2016 who have a unique story about overcoming the odds, whether it is a personal challenge, an accident or illness, and are now planning to get married to the partner who has stuck by them. We’ll follow their final weeks of preparation including the big day itself, and along the way we’ll discover incredible stories of strength, determination and above all, love in the face of adversity.

I'd love to hear from you if you are planning on, or hoping to get married this year. There is absolutely no obligation to take part in the documentary at this stage but if you’re willing to have an initial conversation, or would simply like more information about the project please get in touch with us at: or call us on 0207 456 0885.

Best wishes,
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