Radiology Investigations

As a trauma patient there are different types of radiology investigations depending on which part of your body has been affected.


An x-ray is a form of radiation that can pass through semi solid and solid structures to produce and image or structured within the body. This is a simple, very fast way of looking for body structures that can be damaged, such as broken bones. X-rays can also be used to look at organs such as lungs. This could help to identify if someone has a lung infection or fluid on their lungs. X-rays are safe in low doses and are carried out by a radiographer. For more information please refer to this link.

CT Scan

A computer tomography scan combines the use of a computer and several x-rays to create a detailed picture of the inside of the body. This provides more detail than just a two dimensional x-ray for more detailed analysis of the inside of your body.

MRI scan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is another type of scan. This uses radio waves and magnetic fields to produce detailed images of the inside of the body. This does not use radiation but takes a lot longer to do and some people can get very claustrophobic in the MRI scanner as it is a narrow tube and you have to lie very still during the scan.