Bridges launch new book to support trauma survivor recovery

Bridges Self-Management's new book 'Bridges to Recovery After Trauma' has been two years in the making, involving eleven amazing people who have experienced multiple injuries after a major trauma, and their family and friends.

The book authors have shared their recovery stories, personal photographs, experiences and top tips for finding ways through the challenges of life after a major trauma. All this to help others in a similar situation. The Bridges Self-Management team listened, recorded, written, rewritten, shared numerous drafts and finally released a book they feel immensely proud of.

'Bridges Road to Recovery After Trauma' shows the importance of hope, not feeling so alone, and feeling confident when leaving hospital.  The book authors describe good times (mini- victories) as well as setbacks - their stories are honest and not sugar-coated.They reveal personal insights, learning and creative ways to navigate through the experience of major trauma.

Above: One of the book authors Evi, who suffered a major road traffic collision, shares pictures of her recovery milestones: sitting up for the first time and first time bearing weight.

During book launch events at St. George’s Major Trauma Centre staff heard how people’s fears and anxieties were often hidden and reserved for discussions amongst their fellow patients when staff are not around.  Staff have asked ‘how can we improve?’.   Our book authors say… ‘Just ask patients and families how they feel about going home- without worrying you need to have all the answers- help them to explore how to do the things they most need and want to do when home’.

The Bridges team will be evaluating the impact of the book and training for trauma staff throughout 2018 using short questionnaires for patients and families that were co-produced with the book authors.  The team will also capture staff and patient stories on video.  Through engaging with both staff, patients and families they hope to continue to learn about the best ways to provide self-management support early after major trauma.

The book was made possible through funding from St. George’s Hospital Charity and Giving to St. George’s Major Trauma Fund. Bridges would like to acknowledge the book authors who contributed their stories and to whom they are indebted: David and Barbara, Chris, Evi, Frankie and Carol, Grace and Gloria, Mark, Dan. Henry and Bonny-Lea, George and Dana, Millie and Nick, Minal, Ricky and Ellie, Trevor and Vivian.

A last word goes to George, one of the authors, who says:

 "I was in a wheelchair, Dana she was in one ward and I was in another. So, first thing in the morning, I would 
get in the wheelchair - bash through all the doors, sit with her and have breakfast, turn the wheelchair around and have breakfast in my ward! Then all the people would think ‘Ooh here he comes again, for his second breakfast’. Little achievements like that, where you think at least I can get there under my own steam, mean so much."

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