Trauma clinicians run marathon for AfterTrauma

Rosel Tallach, (Consultant anaesthetist at the Royal London Hospital) and Tam Jones, (paediatric neurorehabilitation Occupational Therapist at King's College Hospital), are raising money for AfterTrauma.

Rosel said:

"I'm seeking to improve the quality of life for patients who have been severely injured as this is something that is close to all of our hearts, throughout the London trauma network, and that’s exactly what AfterTrauma do. What could be more intrepid (foolhardy?) than running a marathon a day for six days though the Costa Rican rainforest? This is The Coastal Challenge! "

Ros (second from left) and some of the AfterTrauma team at the Royal London Hospital.

Tam has written a blog piece to get people thinking about the journey people who suffer sudden life changing injury are forced to embark on. Ros and Tam note that, by contrast, they are doing this Ultra by choice.

"Nothing we experience will be quite as difficult as the daily battles of trauma survivors."

Ros and Tam's race is in Costa Rica, in upwards of 35 degrees heat and rainforest humidity. Starting at sea level every day, the elevation gained and lost is up to 2500m. Elites will be vying for a place on the podium; they will be aiming to finish!  Their secondary aims are to hug a sloth. Even if they’re surprised they won’t move quickly enough to avoid it!

Ros says:

'Please consider supporting us by giving to Barts Charity's Transform Trauma campaign, which supports worthy initiatives such as AfterTrauma. You can also send us encouragement: we need all the following breeze we can get!. 

Here is the link to our TransformTrauma JustGiving page!

Thank you for supporting trauma survivors and those who care for them everywhere!

Ros and Tam



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